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In constant contact with the marine environment, from the age of 7 he discovers the exploration of the seabed through the practice of the underwater fishing.

At 11, he already races in interclub regattas.

His enthusiasm for the classic sailboat leads him then at 16, to take part to regattas with Claude Bistoquet on his Class 10.

Even if Philippe Petit is known as one of the top original pioneers of surfing in Guadeloupe and one of the best windsurfers of Terre de Haut, at the same time, however, he remains humble

And one thing leading to another, employed by Mr. Dove, sail maker in the marina of Bas-du-Fort, he begins his master sail maker training at 18. Two years later, he completes this training by an internship in the Delta Voiles Company.

Sailing boat deliveries and an Atlantic crossing follow then, the call of the sea being stronger for this enlightened enthusiast of sailing and of sea.

After a return to his roots in 1990 to settle in Terre de Haut, Philippe creates his own sail loft !


His first premises at the “Anse Morel” gives him the opportunity to start up his master sail maker activity.

His strong background of seafarer and his thorough knowledge of the bay and of the archipelago, has given him the opportunity to take part hands down since 2004 and again today to the TGVT (Traditional Sailing race around the Guadeloupe).

Always ranked among the first competitors, Philippe Petit won the TGVT race in 2006 with his boat “la Philo”.

From now he is the skipper of the boat named " Léséy Pasé ".



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Sail with Phil aboard his J24 "Diabolo" for an unforgettable sea journey in the waters of Les Saintes !

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