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It’s on a family property, the pillar of his roots, amid banana and mango trees, that Philippe set up the home for his little family, his sail-loft and exotic wooden bungalows in  (Eden Mango).

This charming architectural unit of the tropical islands has been built to welcome you and to ensure that you can take full advantage of this exceptional environment which makes you dream so much overseas !

Native of Saint-Claude in Guadeloupe, with a father of Les Saintes and a mother of Guadeloupe, Philippe Petit comes from a family with a seafaring tradition.

A sailing enthusiast fond of water sports, Philippe has been sailing since his early childhood. He owes this passion to his father, who gave him the love of the sea, of boats and of the sailing.

A paternal grandmother from Les Saintes from the Samson family and wife of Petit Maurice, who created the very first shop of the island, has since then become the Bar de la Marine, a maternal great-grandfather Laurent Emmanuel (born in 1865), the first mayor of Terre de Haut ( one of the streets of the village bears his name), a man with a distinguished history, fully committed to the reconstruction of his island after the devastating cyclone of 1928: all the ingredients are there to map out an exceptional  destiny for Philippe.

During this same period, the family home on the maternal side " l’Hermitage " has also marked memories, being the only house which has miraculously been spared from the cyclone. The boat transporting mail was launched by the cyclone and embedded between two trees in front of the house, which has protected and kept intact the house !



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