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Well known in the nautical world, his passion for sailing led him quite naturally to the master sail maker profession.

A real accomplishment: he is now also well known for the quality of his sails in the world of traditional sailing.

Two men had a key role in his life:  Claude Bistoquet enables him to discover the relations of man with the sea on his own sailing boat, Andrew Dove, who trains him to the master sail maker profession.



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It’s at Marigot on the road of the bay of Pompierre, that Philippe will welcome you in his workshop covering an area of 80 square meters, in a relaxed environment and a warm smile.

Behind his sail maker sewing machine, the only master of works, Philippe takes great care to the details as for the sails making and repair, to accompany you to new destinations !

A designer and a tailor work: while he sews strip by strip of fabric, he gives a form to the future sail, at the same time.

To make a sail, he performs a pattern in life-size, he draws a scale drawing to the millimeter to execute it then on the floor. He uses polyester sail cloth for performance and resistance.

His name is on many sails of sailing boats ! Philippe has as much pleasure in refurbishing damaged or worn sails !

In case you need to get your sails to be repaired, he will come himself and pick them up at the harbour after the first contact.

But the talent of Philippe does not end there !

The master sail maker also performs covers, bimini tops, awnings, spray hoods, sail bags, lazy bags… and for your house, awnings, blinds, protective covers…and leather upholstery like scooters seats…

Philippe is at your disposal to perform any made-to-order products.

Welcome to our Workshop and Fair Winds !